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Welcome to my on-line Art Gallery

Dream A New Dream As you will see there are many things that inspire me. Animals are a huge part of my life since I have five dogs, don't know how many cats, some wild raccoons and a skunk that I feed. Also, living in the Colorado Rockies, I have been so lucky to come face to face, many times literally, with some of the most beautiful animals that walk wildly through these woods. One day while I was sitting at the back of the property, I didn't realize I was sitting on a little used deer trail. I closed my eyes while listening to the wind dance through the trees. Just then a hummingbird flew within one inch of my face and began chirping wildly. I opened my eyes just in time to see that a mountain lion was heading right for me. The way the wind was blowing she had no idea I was there. I cleared my throat, so she could hear me just in time for her to stop within five feet from me. We looked at each other, and then she disappeared. After that, I often saw her shadowing me as I walked around the property. She is one of my subjects. I also paint the spirit of a location or the spirits at special places. I have painted many faces of people that really stood out to me by the look in their eyes, and every now and then I dabble in the abstract. Color and expressive stroke is the way my art communicates the subject's feelings To enter into the gallery, just click on the title or click on the ladder or one of the images below.

Learn all the rules, and then figure out which ones to break.

- Fritz Scholder

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Places Gallery Wolf Gallery Abstract Gallery
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Soaps Made The Old Fashioned Way

All of my soaps, lotions or bath salts are made with natural ingredients, and they are made in Norwood, CO. Since we live in a very dry climate, which can be extremely harsh on the skin, I superfat my soaps between 6-8%, which means 6-8% of the oils don't become soap. This allows the soaps to be moisturizing and gentle upon the skin, while providing a rich lather that cleans better than most soaps without leaving any film upon your skin.

For people who suffer from acne or want a deep cleansing soap, any of the below would be perfect for you. These soaps are fantastic in that they get you incredibly clean without leaving any kind of film on your skin. They won't dry out your skin, but I do need to use a light moisturizer on my face afterwards. Yes, you can use all of these soaps on your face. However, I have normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin, you probably won't need to. I use these soaps quite a bit. Making soap is a very oily business, and it cuts right through it leaving my skin feeling very clean. These are great soaps for anyone who works outdoors or builds up a sweat, because they leave you feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. The Squeaky Clean line is my boyfriends' favorite, and the basic sudsies are $6.25 each.

Artist Marie Fouche

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